Chameleon Club Studio

Chameleon Club Studio presents original workshops and events hosted by local artists and designers who want to share their creative practice with new people. We offer one-of-a-kind experiences for people wishing to connect, learn and explore.


COVID-19 Update:

As our community takes steps to get back to normal, we are offering private workshops. Please get in touch if you have any questions! Looking forward to working with you soon 🙂

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Private Outdoor Marbling Workshop
$80 - 90 per person

Private Outdoor Clay Workshop
$70 per person

Open Studio

Terracotta Planter Workshop
7 - 9 PM

Handbuilding Ceramics Workshop with Eleni Kontos

Make a Mug Workshop – Hand Building Basics
* All regular workshops are currently postponed due to COVID 19 * Please get in touch to schedule a private workshop.

Symposium: The Cruise
Fri, August 30, 2019
8 PM

Pilgrim dying thread

Dye Night
Next Date TBA

Clay Time Private Party

Marta Pia water marbling

Paper Marbling

Dolls by Eleni Kontos

Doll Making Workshop
with Eleni Kontos