Chameleon Club Studio

Natural Dyes & Experimental Weaving
with Maria Romero
TBA Fall 2018

Weave and yarn for Maria Romero's class

In this workshop led by textile designer Maria Romero, you’ll gain an understanding of how to work with natural dyes as you explore the process from the dye pot to the weaving loom.

This workshop will cover:
• Introduction to natural dye plants and mordants
• Introduction to protein-based and cellulose-based fibers
• Overview of natural dyestuffs including onion skins, cochineal, turmeric, avocado skins & pits, fresh and dried flowers and more.
• How to shibori dye on yarn, including how to prepare the fibers, extract color from the dyestuffs, for after apply all your dyed fibers on the weaving loom.
• How to wrap a loom for weaving and how to make and apply the different stitches that can be made to create texture and shapes.

Maria Romero’s mission is to provide skills and knowledge for a lifetime, for students to leave with knowledge to experiment and explore further on their own. Students will come away with an understanding of natural dyeing with several dye stuffs and how to weave on a frame loom.

Each participant will leave with a naturally dyed woven piece, a frame loom and tools for new weaving adventures.

No previous dyeing or weaving knowledge necessary. Materials cost included in course admission.